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They could influence audience behaviour by telling a great story.

Brandi Boatner, social media and influencer communications lead for global markets and brand communication manager at Big Blue says that a brand’s communicator must know everything about their audience. They must be a mix of a strategist, storyteller and scientist. They must look at data for trends.

Boatner notes that every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated. In one minute on the internet, people download 390,000 apps, post 3.3 million Facebook items and add 2.1 million snaps to Snapchat. A communicator must have a good understanding of culture, social behaviour and theory.

They must be able to influence audience behaviour by telling a great story. Boatner suggests several free tools for data discovery such as, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Trendsmap that can support social media intelligence.

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