53% of people in the US use ad blockers to bypass online ads

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November 12, 2019, 10:20 AM GMT+0

53.31% of respondents think direct mail is a better way for companies to attract business than those that prefer email (38.37%).

This article cites a Fractl survey which studied the effectiveness of different inbound and outbound marketing tactics. 54.33% of respondents found “appearing in search results when I’m looking for something I want” to be the most effective way for companies to attract business.

Of the 78% of respondents that did report noticing retargeted ads, 56% expressed negative feelings towards them. 53% choose to bypass ads altogether and have ad blockers.

Traditional advertising ranked second on the sentiment scale, implying that people are so accustomed to TV and radio ads that they don’t find them intrusive. Website and blog articles attract the best sentiment. 89% of people used search to find information about companies or products.

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