B2B companies should build personas to focus on segments that fulfil commercial goals

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November 12, 2019, 2:18 AM UTC

Marketers can analyse their past deals to understand the kind of stakeholders they commonly deal with.

The author lays emphasis on B2B brands building customer personas to better understand their audience. Since most B2B brands have an existing segmentation of markets they sell to, the author suggests adding a layer of persona-building to effectively target a buying group, with several individuals who may have different perspectives and pain-points.

B2B marketers should focus persona-building efforts towards segments that are of most value to them. Personas help in understanding barriers in the purchase process, how customers set purchase criteria, how they use the product, and more.

By building customer personas, B2B companies can understand how customers relate to each other. This can provide marketers with an opportunity for tailored marketing and improved customer experiences.

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