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Only 23% of users in the UK consider Facebook as the most important social media app.

Facebook usage has dropped to second place in the UK with only 23% of users considering it as the most important, according to a new AudienceProject study. But Facebook-owned WhatsApp was regarded as the most important app by 27% of the users.

Though Facebook remained the most popular app in the US, younger Americans aged between 15-25 considered Instagram to be “indispensable”. Britons between the age 12-25, 26-35 and 56+ said WhatsApp as the most important app, while those between 35-55 voted for Facebook.

This article says that despite 71% of Americans using Facebook in third-quarter of 2019, YouTube was the second most used app with 68%. While in the UK, 77% used Facebook, followed by WhatsApp, which has seen a massive increase in usage.

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