Focusing on megatrends like ethical living can help marketers create disruptive campaigns

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November 12, 2019, 4:22 PM UTC

Megatrends represent a long-term, fundamental shift in behaviour that defines consumer markets.

This piece argues that marketers should identify and analyse megatrends to create long-term marketing strategies that are innovative yet disruptive. Creating campaigns around trends such as ethical living can help brands attract environmentally aware consumers. Furthermore, brands must meet the consumers’ ethical standards and their demand for sustainable products.

Consumers are prioritising experiences over things “in the pursuit of happiness”. To be in the consumer’s list of priorities and attract their attention, brands should leverage the latest technologies to be authentic, local and immersive.

The author contends that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle among people opens new opportunities for brands to help consumers achieve their health and wellbeing goals. However, marketers should note that consumers are spending on products and services that matter the most.

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