Brands should align their ideas with consumer insights to create an impactful experiential campaign

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November 13, 2019, 11:45 AM UTC

Developing branding grids allow marketers to create a well-organized experiential event.

This piece recommends marketers should think beyond visual illustrations and consider audience responses to effectively portray their brands’ identity into a physical space. Aligning the brand ideas with consumer insights and logistical possibilities further allow marketers to bring their ideas to life, without wasting resources.

Brands should brainstorm and challenge their creative team to come up with unique experiential ideas, instead of repeating what has been already done. Building a branding framework can help marketers to create a schedule with enough time and deliver a successful experiential marketing campaign.

Measuring event impact with tools like radio frequency identification technology can help marketers collect data on their attendees. The author also suggests that brands can further use social listening to measure the impact of their event.

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