Marketers and e-commerce teams should collaborate to improve product discovery online

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November 15, 2019, 9:59 AM UTC

If the last two decades of e-commerce were about “funnelling intent”, the next decade should be about “fostering discovery”.

This article states that consumers are not just “purchasing” online, but also “shopping” online. Understanding this distinction can enable brands to capitalise on the opportunity of improving their product discovery.

The author points out the drawbacks of outsourcing discovery to social media. These include the social environment being full of distractions, constituting a small fraction of e-commerce traffic and using algorithms which optimise ad impressions instead of the purchase of advertised products.

Hence, social and e-commerce teams should work in tandem, where the website can funnel the hype of a popular product on social media, and vice versa. Further, the website should move beyond being just a place of purchase, and build a community for consumers to stick around.

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