Measure non-verbal responses to understand children’s reactions to advertising

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November 15, 2019, 11:08 AM GMT+0

Children between eight to 11 years recognise advertising’s persuasive intent, and are sceptical of how true their claims are.

This article cites a research conducted by Joëlle Vanhamme from EDHEC Business School, France and Chung-Kit Chiu, a freelance illustrator. The research suggests measuring non-verbal responses to better understand reactions of children aged eight-to-11 to ads.

To that end, the study aimed to create a means for young audiences to express their responses to ads through the “Self-Reported Nonverbal Emotion-Measurement Instrument for Children (SNEMIC)” approach. The approach used a cartoon resembling a husky dog that expressed six basic emotions, supported by a framework indicating the intensity of each child’s reaction.

The study demonstrated that the SNEMIC format could measure emotional responses to ads. The technique could allow marketers to understand children’s reactions to brand messages.

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