Businesses should get creative with their B2B paid adverts to drive more leads

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November 18, 2019, 5:20 PM UTC

B2B marketers can emulate B2C marketers and create exciting campaigns to attract prospective clients. 

With plenty of interesting content available on social networks, it has become increasingly difficult for B2B brands to breakthrough with their social adverts. This piece recommends that B2B brands should make their paid social adverts more creative to stand out.

Marketers can use bold colours and clear messaging to create campaigns across social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. While creating videos for social ads, businesses should avoid overtly corporate or stock footage and use candid footage to drive engagement.

The author suggests marketers should use LinkedIn Text Ad, even though it looks elementary and dull. With the company’s logo as the image, a headline of 25 characters, description of 75 characters and a landing page, this ad format can effectively generate leads.

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