Companies must be cautious about using excessive automation

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November 18, 2019, 6:22 AM UTC

Customers want to interact with someone who understands their point of view.

This piece states that there are plenty of marketing and customer service tools that promise more than they can deliver. The author notes that a marketing tool being used by many businesses doesn’t mean it works “flawlessly”. The article cautions against excessive use of automation.

The author labels automation as a consistent “offender” when it comes to customer service and social media as users want to interact with service agents who understand their needs, not bots. Users wouldn’t want to indulge in a “fake conversation” and “canned messages.”

Brands should avoid using marketing tools if it de-humanises the experience for customers. Processes that empower employees to solve problems and have person-to-person engagement should ideally not be automated. Additionally, social media could be used to build relationships and not to spam.

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