Invest in employee engagement to embed the company’s culture throughout the organisation

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November 18, 2019, 6:19 AM GMT+0

CMOs should communicate their successes, failures and how campaigns relate to business goals to other departments.

The author of this article says that marketing is a “conversation” between customers who have a problem, and businesses that provide a solution through their products or services. Since customers don’t passively rely on ads for information anymore, marketers must prove how “great” their company is by providing superior customer experience.

Companies should ensure their culture is a true representation of their core beliefs, which is communicated across all their marketing and customer interactions. CMOs should invest in employee engagement to ensure employees have a “real connection with who and what they’re working for”.

Marketers should use data-driven insights to deliver more personalised and relevant marketing campaigns. They should use analytics tools to measure the ROI and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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