Thinking in terms of micro-engagements can help brands with audience personalisation

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November 18, 2019, 5:06 PM UTC

An Accenture report found that 33% of consumers ended their relationship with a brand due to a lack of personalisation.

This piece recommends marketers should personalise their marketing campaigns and focus on consumers at an individual level. Marketers should analyse consumer interaction and brand support to design interactions that focus on micro-engagements and not just customer journeys.

Brands can achieve this by focussing on the customer experience and make meaningful interactions with them instead of solely concentrating on financial transactions. The author posits that customer experience is a relationship built on a series of unfavourable and favourable engagements with the brand.

Brands should have multiple channels through which they can create smaller moments with their consumers. For instance, consumers may be more receptive to direct mail outreaches but prefer to respond through their mobile devices.

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