Digital-native marketers outscore corporate marketers by 73% in their technical marketing talent

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November 19, 2019, 5:59 AM GMT+0

61% of surveyed executives indicate that machine learning and AI are their most significant data initiatives of 2019.

This article cites a report by Acoustic which highlights the trends reshaping marketing. The report indicates a skills gap between corporate marketers and digital-native marketers, where the latter hold “technical marketing talent”, important for bettering customer experience.

Acoustic reveals that companies must hire a Director of Marketing Data for creating and supervising procedures and rules around data collection and integration. 90% of companies believe personalisation is critical to their existing and future success.

However, half of them face obstacles due to IT roadblocks and legacy technology. The report also cites an IBM study stating that about 60% of the surveyed organisations view GDPR as “a catalyst for new business models” and a means to enhance privacy, security and data management.

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