Marketers with limited budgets should promote only to qualified leads

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November 20, 2019, 7:35 AM UTC

Brands should use freelance marketplaces to source content at reasonable costs.

The author says that brands with small digital marketing budgets can maximise their results by retargeting old customers through email marketing. This retargeting should be carried out using activity-specific campaigns which are tailored for regular visitors, unsubscribed customers and inactive customers.

To avoid exceeding the budget, marketers should promote only to qualified leads using content marketing in the form of blogs, videos or webinars on their website or social platforms. The author also recommends repurposing content, such as dividing e-books into multiple blogs, converting blogs into audio or video podcasts, and more.

Marketers could use geofencing tools that have a cost-per-visit pricing model, where advertisers pay only when a customer visits their store. Additionally, they can geotarget on a budget by choosing platforms that offer free search ads.

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