Businesses should include images in their search snippets to increase click-through rates

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November 21, 2019, 4:58 PM UTC

Marketers can leverage visual assets featured in Google SERPs to retarget on-site images on Google.

Using clear and unique images along with schema mark-up can help brands feature their images as thumbnails on search results, and thereby increasing visibility and clicks. Brands can use tools like SEMrush to identify featured snippet opportunities and place high-quality images relevant to search terms.

The visual asset featured in Google SERPs can further help marketers leverage on-site images to be placed as snippets and enhance retargeting campaigns. This article says that the retargeting tool like Finteza can help marketers retarget on-site images.

Recycling images that appear on organic search and featured snippets further allows brands to increase conversions. The author suggests that placing images on press, media, about, and contact pages can help marketers enhance their brand visibility.

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