Visual search helps find the right product five times faster than text-based search

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November 21, 2019, 4:50 PM UTC

AI-powered technology allows users to conduct an internet search using images instead of keywords.

This piece argues that visual search will change how businesses market their product. A cited study found that customers using text-based searches took two minutes and 37 seconds to find the exact style of dress they’re looking for, while the visual search took only 27 seconds.

Visual search can not only help customers find the right product online but also help influencers reach their full potential. This search format will enable users to get directly move to the shopping site of a product displayed by the influencer they follow.

This article predicts that visual search will become the crux of Pinterest’s offering to advertisers. Visual search will also make it easier for marketers to optimise their SEO by offering features like deep tagging. 

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