Consider crafting stories that create a "mythology" around a brand

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November 25, 2019, 2:37 AM UTC

Companies must avoid sharing content with non-customers.

In this article, Ross Kimbarovsky, CEO at crowdspring suggests ways for brands to create successful content marketing “unicorns.” Noting the power of stories to shape beliefs, he adds that they are powerful as they help create a “mythology” around brands.

This works well as consumers are keen on hearing stories about themselves and about others, he states. Considering why users will care about the served content and having a sense of the problems content could solve is recommended before content creation.

Businesses must select the right social media platforms to share their content. Other suggestions made are including a relevant call to action and appealing to consumer emotions. Further, sharing content on the right social media channel is important as content served to non-customers won’t help the business.

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