Review count per business location in the US grew 27% over the year

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November 25, 2019, 1:02 PM GMT+0

Search experience cloud company Yext studied over 400,000 business locations in the US.

This piece states highlights consumers search behaviour of Americans in 2018. The article states that consumers are reviewing businesses more with the per business location rate growing by 27% YoY. Moreover, businesses are also giving more importance to reviews, responding to reviews 47% more than the previous year.

The study also revealed that the financial services category’s review volume grew the fastest, 91% more reviews per location. Consumer actions (driving direction clicks and clicks to call businesses among others) in business listings grew 17% in a year.

Consumer actions in search also grew faster (17%) than search impressions (10%) over the year, which indicates that customers are able to find what they want faster. The article also states that consumers are spending less time searching and more time engaging with businesses.

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