GlobalWebIndex introduces insights capability to measure international TV campaigns

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November 27, 2019, 2:41 AM GMT+0

The tool converts data into insights.

GlobalWebIndex has launched a “world first insights capability” called TV Reach and Frequency to plan, activate and measure international TV campaigns. Media planners can target micro-audiences by using over 40,000 attributes on each internet user.

This capability sources how often a channel is watched, at what times of the day and what the average time spent watching it is, from the global panel. GlobalWebIndex’s Jason Mander states that since this data is globally consistent and measured equally across markets, there is a better understanding of international audiences.

Media owners and planners can use this tool to prove the impact of media and drive ad sales revenue across global audiences, and compare an owned channel with international competitors. Mander adds that this is a “shift for TV advertising into the digital age through data innovation”.

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