Use content levels to organise the structural abstract of brand content

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November 28, 2019, 12:54 PM UTC

Marketers must define what they mean by “core content” when communicating with content strategists.

The article states that content levels provide a better understanding of the “interconnectedness” of the content being created for a brand. Content levels are useful in organising a structural abstract of a brand’s content.

Core content is content that’s essential to a brand’s offering. This mostly includes website, key product, service pages, functional messaging and automation, the brand mission and vision. Brands must clarify what they mean by “core content” when communicating with content creators and strategists, and make the context clear.

Further, verticals are the main categories or board themes of content on top of content taxonomy. Top categories can be considered as verticals, as each of them have a lot of sub-categories under a larger umbrella such as cuisine types under restaurants.

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