Brands should give influencers the creative freedom to create an authentic tone for the brand

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December 02, 2019, 2:30 PM UTC

Influencer marketing campaigns must use both the brand’s strengths and its audience’s desires.

This piece argues that brands should leverage both their strengths and their audience’s desires to develop an effective influencer marketing campaign. Businesses must give influencers the freedom to express their creativity, as viewers can easily distinguish between an authentic influencer message and a brand-led campaign.

Brands should trust their influencers and give them creative freedom, as influencers understand their audiences. Marketers should allow influencers to use their voice and style to create a genuine and creative tone for the brand.

The author contends that businesses should focus on engagement stats and not just on follower counts of the influencers. Followers can be bought, leading to inaccurate numbers and disappointing campaigns, while engagement is the critical factor in achieving ROI on a campaign.

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