B2B marketers should create call to actions relevant to buyer personas

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December 03, 2019, 4:14 PM UTC

Strong and relevant CTAs can encourage buyers to take action.

This piece recommends B2B marketers should use insights gathered from buyer persona research to understand customers’ goals and challenges. Brands can use these insights to create CTA buttons that are contextual to their prospect’s requirements.

Marketers should create CTAs which demonstrate an understanding of customer pain-points and offer solutions that can help clients overcome challenges. CTAs can be used to motivate prospects and inspire action. For instance, while the text CTA can be “Take the first step in overcoming [challenge X, Y, and Z].”, the CTA button can be labelled “Step 1”.

The author points out that B2B marketers should keep in mind the consumer’s buyer stage before putting CTAs in their messages. CTA for a particular stage can be irrelevant to the customers in the other stages of the funnel.

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