Integrate ads with the consumer’s natural purchasing patterns to be less intrusive

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December 04, 2019, 12:04 PM GMT+0

Advertise on interactive platforms where consumers actively choose to interact with the brand.

This article states that hyper-targeting advertising models which are rooted in data collection make 71% of Americans feel that ads are more intrusive than before. Citing Pinterest as an example, the author says that “intrusion-lite advertising” is the future of digital ads.

To establish customer loyalty and trust, brands must allow consumers to opt-out of targeted advertising or display lesser intrusive ads through interest-based targeting. Since most consumers don’t dislike ads altogether, relevant content should be created and integrated with consumers’ natural purchasing patterns.

Brands advertising on messaging apps can make meaningful connections with consumers who “opt-in” for private interactions. As consumers make the first move to engage with a brand, further interactions are more organic and less intrusive, thus creating a better brand impression.

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