Curate unique gift guides to make visitors feel “exclusive”

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December 06, 2019, 6:27 AM UTC

To avoid gifting burnout, turn comprehensive guides into a category-wise series sent out individually.

This article states that creating well-organised holiday gift guides can enable brands to increase their holiday sales. The author recommends categorising gifts based on product types, and creating a dedicated landing page for these guides.

Brands can organise gift guides around different personality types for users to associate these products with their intended recipients. They can also filter the guides based on price to improve visitors’ browsing experience.

Marketers can also curate unique gift guides, which add “a hint of exclusivity and social proof”. By framing the gift guides as a concierge service, brands can give customers an “exclusive” feeling. Further, creating gift finder quizzes that provide relevant recommendations, can be added to their carts or wishlists without them leaving the landing page.

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