Marketers must ensure product placement efforts are backed by purpose

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December 06, 2019, 7:37 AM GMT+0

Advertising methods must be authentic, leverage brand value and tie in into the product.

This article states that purpose-driven advertising, including product placement campaigns, is paramount for marketers. According to a report cited in the article, 63% of consumers globally prefer purchasing from companies whose shared purpose reflects their own values.

The author opines that advertisers must interact with brands that prioritise social responsibility, and create an advertising strategy that “seamlessly integrates their product into the campaign while promoting a worthwhile cause”. Marketers must first consider whether their company’s and consumer’s values resonate with each other, and ensure the product placement doesn’t interfere with the customer experience.

The author adds that consumers notice when brands exploit causes for profits and headlines. Therefore, marketers must carefully forge authentic partnerships and take stances for the right reasons.

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