2020 will see in-house influencers dominating marketing campaigns

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December 10, 2019, 4:10 AM GMT+0

There will be a need to enhance creativity in storytelling capabilities for retaining audience attention.

This article states that with young consumers increasingly concerned about the relevance and quality of brands, marketers are banking on influencers to target the demographic. Brands will have to find ways to deliver comprehensive experiences across the marketing funnel next year, for which higher levels of creativity in storytelling will be paramount.

2020 will see in-house influencers playing a crucial role in marketing campaigns as they focus on strengthening customer relationships. Further, there will be an emergence of “nano influencers”, who are digital citizens with an ordinary, but an authentic audience.

While nano influencers don’t fit the definition of successful brand ambassadors, they are capable of achieving high engagement rates. Marketers will also adopt seamless data analytics to understand user-behaviour and craft personalised content better.

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