Brands must steer clear of inherently political keywords in 2020

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December 16, 2019, 1:10 AM GMT+0

Appointing a content moderator can help identify instances where brand safety might be in danger.

Given the upcoming US presidential in 2020, this article states how brands can stand out amongst the “noise” of political advertising. Since consumers “monitor the politics of brands”, companies must clean up their whitelists and blacklists, only retaining publications and channels whose audiences aligns with the brand.

Companies may want to avoid inherently political keywords such as “impeachment”, “caucus” or “superdelegate”. As a cautious measure, if an ad network or a partner is unable to provide clarity on exactly where an ad would be placed, companies can consider dropping them from their media list.

Once having brought media partners on board, brands could hire content moderators to identify instances where brand safety might be in danger. Companies could also look to leverage non-traditional advertising opportunities.  

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