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According to a YouGov research, 41% of the people in the UK intend to give 1 to 10 gifts during Christmas.

This piece states that one in five Brits spend over £500 on Christmas presents. People aged between 45 to 54 years old are the biggest spenders of the festival. Generally, the majority of people, 33% spend somewhere between £100 and £250. However, younger people generally spend less on presents.  

The report further found that two in five people buy up to ten presents for Christmas. 18% buy around 11 to 20 presents, while 5% of people don’t buy Christmas gifts at all.

The article also highlights that 45% of the Brits receive and give the same amount of gifts. However, 43% of women believe they give more presents than they receive, while 36% of men believe the same.

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