Testing out creative elements can help identify factors that resonate most with the target audience

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January 02, 2020, 2:00 PM UTC

But, brands should make only one change at a time to successfully analyse their ramifications.

This piece recommends that to make ads resonate with the target audiences, marketers need to have a creative and experimental approach. Brands can perform A/B testing to improve the performance of their paid media campaigns.

Businesses can try out a new copy for their paid search ads, experiment with creative types and even create different page experiences to optimise their conversion rates. But they should only make one change at a time to identify the factor that makes the ad most relevant to their targeted audience.

The author contends that brands should optimise their bidding across platforms, either manually or through automated bidding strategies. But, marketers should continuously monitor their ad’s performance to build an effective paid media strategy.

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