Practice “list hygiene” to not persistently email disinterested subscribers

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January 08, 2020, 12:17 PM UTC

Personalise emails beforehand for important seasons.

This article suggests that companies prioritise email marketing as it is easy to use and delivers high ROI. To boost and maintain email deliverability in 2020, the author recommends brands to not ambush mailing lists as that will put them at the risk of being flagged as spam by customers or blacklisted by internet service providers.

Instead, marketers should tailor messages in advance and gradually roll them out to share brand news with recipients who are likely to engage. Brands should segment their audience and send personalised emails, such as birthday deals and relevant notifications to increase deliverability rates.

They should practice “list hygiene” by eliminating inactive or disengaged subscribers. Marketers can check the emails of their competitors and adjust their strategy accordingly. The subject line of emails should be friendly, direct and worthwhile.

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