Include summary boxes for long blogs to appear in Google’s featured snippets

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January 16, 2020, 2:12 AM UTC

Write short, clear subheadings to divide blogs into relevant sections.

This article recommends design layouts for optimising blogs. The author advises marketers to organise their content into a learning centre by either creating one location that includes all information and media on one topic, or by displaying the content in a hierarchy of relevance.

Brands should narrow their blog grids with an ideal width of 1024px. The grids enable users to differentiate blog elements like sidebars, headers, images and more. Further, using a blog card layout comprising a featured image, title, author, excerpt, date and category, can ease recognition, recall and readability.

The author suggests using quick-summary boxes for lengthy articles, which is not only reader-friendly, but also good for Google’s featured snippets. Include the name and bio of authors for users to read more articles they’ve written.

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