Connect physical and digital stores to enhance the shopper journey

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January 23, 2020, 10:13 AM GMT+0

Use data to “turn check-out processes into check-in processes” centred on engagement and service.

This article goes through the three key themes of the NRF 2020 event. When it comes to retail, brands should connect the dots between the physical and digital, as consumers traverse 7.6 touchpoints for any given shopping journey. The article states that a retail store’s role continues to evolve and is irreplaceable for shoppers.

Use data within physical and digital properties, and to meet customers where they are can enable companies to strengthen relationships. Brands should add a layer of personalisation at every touchpoint, be it with chatbots or interpersonal interactions in stores.

From sustainability to equality, the younger generation craves for genuine and meaningful relationships with brands. Hence, brands must find vision in their values and put them at the forefront of their marketing efforts.

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