To provide value, PR professionals must assist CEOs in driving transformation

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January 23, 2020, 2:53 AM UTC

These professionals can bring considerable value when included in a process early on.

This article states that many PR experts do believe in earned media, despite newsroom attrition and consumer’s media diets. Dick Grove, founder and CEO of INKinc Public Relations says that clients are demanding more and more accountability. However, earned media is only a part of the marketing mix.

So whether a placement is online, print or broadcast, it goes beyond just “PR placements” itself, adds Grover. Steve Halsey, chief growth officer at G&S Business Communications that real value of PR in 2020 lies in helping clients, and in helping CEOs drive transformation amid the “unprecedented disruption”.

For businesses to earn consumers’ trust, they must think about how to improve their reputation and build credibility. PR professionals can bring significant value when factored into the process early.

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