Facebook’s new tool enables users to manage data that third-party websites share for ad-targeting

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January 29, 2020, 8:43 AM UTC

The social network also announced the launch of “prompt” over the next two weeks to encourage users to review privacy settings.

First launched in 2018, “Off-Facebook Activity” was limited to certain geographical areas. But the data management tool is now available to users worldwide. “Off-Facebook Activity” provides users with a clear summary of all the apps and websites that are sharing their data with Facebook.

Users can glean insights into how their data was collected and shared with Facebook while having an option to clear it from their account. Users can also severe third-party apps and websites connection with Facebook.

While the tool requires users to enter passwords every time they access it, the “clear history” button doesn’t stop third-parties from sharing data in the future. Facebook’s third-party login alerts, launched earlier this month, allows users to stay informed about apps connected with their Facebook accounts.

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