CMOs should evaluate the best way to capture and store customer data

Tasim Zahid
January 31, 2020, 4:39 PM UTC

Several companies are failing to take full advantage of customer data activation.

This piece recommends chief marketing officers should evaluate their data collection and storage process before creating a data-driven strategy for the brand. Marketers can use campaign tracking, web analytics or a data warehouse to enhance capturing and storing of customer data.

Businesses should look for anomalies and trends in data to inform marketing decisions. Checking the dashboards, visualisation, data segmentation, data modelling and data science can help marketers make strategic decisions. Brands can further use the data to create personalised content for customers through tactics like targeting and A/B testing, among others.

The author suggests marketers should follow the customer data even if it contradicts their traditional beliefs about buyers. They should further utilise data to enhance customer experience by adding value to every interaction.

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