Businesses can use direct mail marketing to create a fresh perspective on brand quality

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February 03, 2020, 5:15 PM UTC

Modern marketers can learn some valuable lessons on direct mail marketing from the “Sears Roebuck Catalog.”

This piece states that while sending direct mails, marketers should ensure the actual quality of the card or package used is of high quality to gain the confidence of potential consumers and build trust. Brands should use short, precise language in the direct mail to showcase the high-quality of their products.

Companies that use paywalls can create appealing CTAs, asking people to share the brand message on social networks for access to valuable content. Addressing a customer with a personalised, handwritten direct mail can further help marketers effectively engage.

Brands can also widen reach by including a QR code in direct mails with pre-populated messages to be shared on social media. Marketers can use third-party apps like IFTTT to auto-reply to these social media messages.

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