Businesses should emphasise on brand-building activities to build trust among consumers

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February 03, 2020, 5:50 PM UTC

According to Brand Consistency Benchmark, creating a consistent brand across channels can help marketers increase 23% gains on an average.

Creating a branding strategy enables marketers to communicate with their audiences and build leads from prospective customers. To create effective branding strategies, companies should find their brand voice through copywriting and messaging and define brand colours which consumers can relate to.

Using the same colour palette and logos across social media channels can help marketers keep their brand consistent across platforms. Businesses can further use the same set of design patterns, images and graphic design styles for a consistent brand style.

The author says that brands that have been around for a while can redesign their site, logo and apps, but they must maintain consistency throughout. Marketers can also create customised and industry-related content to easily connect with their consumers.

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