Companies can leverage YouTube Influencers to get candid feedback from real customers

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February 03, 2020, 5:45 PM UTC

About 40% of consumers will sit and watch unboxing videos from their favourite YouTubers.

This piece suggests marketers can capitalise on YouTube Influencers’ reach and community to create effective influencer marketing campaigns. Brands can ask YouTube influencers to create product videos to glean valuable and productive feedback from their audiences.

Businesses can also employ YouTube influencers to create ads and promotions to educate consumers about their products and services. The author recommends marketers can further ask partnered influencers to create unboxing videos of their products, as unboxing videos usually collect more views.

Offering free products for influencer videos along with promotional discount codes to followers can further help brands improve their influencer marketing campaigns. Companies can also employ YouTubers as their brand ambassadors to gain access to their network and increase brand awareness.

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