Offering personalized product recommendations to customers can help brands boost social commerce

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February 03, 2020, 10:58 AM UTC

Personalized recommendations have motivated “49% of shoppers” to buy a product they did not initially plan to buy.

This piece suggests marketers should understand their consumers’ behavioural signals to provide them with personalized brand experiences. Analysing customers’ browsing history and cross-channel engagement among others can help brands provide customers with relevant content that can positively impact their buying decisions.

Businesses should ethically embrace chatbots to “engage, inform and promote” their products to the customers. Companies should outline standard practices and policies before sending any direct marketing message to their customers to avoid being invasive.

The author recommends marketers should incorporate visual and actionable social proof to their ecommerce approach to boost online engagement and sales. The article also states that customers are six times more likely to purchase a product if the page includes pictures from social media.

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