Small businesses can tailor narratives around big events like Super Bowl to create effective ads

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February 03, 2020, 4:57 PM UTC

However, brands should be careful around the legalities of certain events to ensure their content isn’t violating any trademarks.

Brands with small budgets should create ad campaigns around popular cultural references to leverage on-going trends. Crafting unique and compelling storylines around the event can help businesses reach out to potential consumers.

Creating social media posts or marketing videos around trending events with hashtags can help marketers attract the attention of consumers interested in such events. Brands can also run ads on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to efficiently target their audiences.

The author suggests marketers should use alternative terms of popular hashtags like #Superbowl in their ads to ensure their content isn’t directly violating any trademarks yet reaching their prospects. Businesses can also combine their resources with other brands to create co-marketed ad campaigns for big events.

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