Specific, clear and concise headlines can prompt audiences to take action now

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February 03, 2020, 1:42 AM GMT+0

Specific headlines are more likely to encourage consumers to engage with the content.

This piece suggests a few techniques that help content marketers write more persuasive headlines. To elicit a fast action, marketers must leverage urgency and scarcity to engage consumer attention. For instance, scarcity (falling under the umbrella of urgency) focuses on limited supply.

In such cases, headlines like, “7 spots left and they’re going fast - you in?” can work. Specificity in headlines, highlighted by numbers, helps create a vivid experience and improves content engagement. Additionally, using numbers helps in outlining the upcoming content.

Brands must practice getting their point across in the least number of words as possible. They must explore three to five headlines before picking one, and then add details or adjectives if eliciting more emotion is required.

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