Businesses can leverage LinkedIn influencers to effectively reach out to key decision-makers

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February 04, 2020, 5:59 PM UTC

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with over 600 million members and 300 million active users.

B2B companies can opt for LinkedIn influencer marketing to effectively market their brand to key decision-makers and team leaders of their prospective clients. This piece states that brands can benefit from LinkedIn influencers' insights into the industry to provoke “followers’ curiosity and consideration”.

LinkedIn influencers can further help brands create a direct impact on their target audience. The author contends LinkedIn Influencers are ideal for B2B brands looking to differentiate themselves and clearly define their value proposition.

Marketers can find their ideal LinkedIn influencers by simply performing a manual search using keywords with specific terms like job titles or descriptions. Brands can further identify potential influencers by joining LinkedIn groups related to their industry.

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