Encourage employees to create and share content to enhance content marketing strategies

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February 04, 2020, 2:57 PM UTC

Readers are eight times more likely to engage with employee-generated content (EGC) than branded content.

This piece argues brands should leverage EGC as it can not only help generate goodwill but also build trust among consumers. Creating an EGC program can empower employees to create and share content, while also motivating them to share branded content.

Employee activation can enable marketers to create an effective content strategy and increase engagements. The article states employees involved in the content creation process will likely take ownership of the brand messages as they were a part of the creation process.

The author contends that with the rise in buying power of Gen Z and millennials, leveraging employee-generated content can help brands win their confidence. Gartner’s Marc Brown also said that leads from employee-shared content are seven times more likely to close than perfectly written whitepapers and blogs.

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