Leveraging mobile tooltips can help brands make onboarding processes engaging

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February 04, 2020, 11:00 AM UTC

Mobile tooltips are small in-app messages attached to a specific UI element or place on the screen.

This article states mobile tooltips allow brands to provide users with contextual guidance, highlight key features and make an app’s onboarding process easy for users. Offering helpful hints via mobile tooltips at the beginning of the onboarding process can help enhance engagement as well as retain users.

With mobile tooltips having condensed creative space, brands should ensure their messages are short, with limited but not incomprehensible abbreviations. Marketers can also use simple images and emojis. Creating strong CTAs can further motivate users to take prompt actions.

Brands should track user activity to understand which parts of the app resonate with users to improve the in-app experience. The author contends mobile tooltips are “annotations” meant to add value to the user experience and not to “overpower it”.

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