6.8% of brands advertising at the Super Bowl featured an audio logo

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February 05, 2020, 1:50 AM UTC

What a consumer hears can shape their perception of a brand.

This article looks at how the brands that advertised at the Super Bowl made use of audio as a marketing component. In 2019, 19.6% of participant advertisers featured any kind of brand sound elements. This was 13.6% this year.

6.8% of brands featured an audio logo and 5.1% featured a theme song. The most common brand sound element turned out to be product sounds. 29% of ads featured an app sound, crunch, crackle, fizz or a direct sound made by a product in reality.

The author suggests that companies must use more brand sound elements as long as the use isn’t gimmicky. The sounds chosen must call up memories, confine the audience’s attention to the message and explicitly intertwine with the visual narrative to avoid being redundant.  

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