Have internal stakeholders on board while attempting a relaunch

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February 05, 2020, 2:48 AM UTC

It can help save on time, resources and talent through the process.

This piece suggests how companies can achieve their long-term goals of relaunching a brand. Businesses must primarily know “why” they wish to go for a relaunch. They must be clear about what the organisation wants to achieve out of the effort.

Brands must connect with their employees, current and potential customers and stakeholders to get a complete picture of how the brand is currently perceived. Carrying out competitive research and surveys can help businesses gain stakeholder’s perspective.

To rollout a relaunch, it’s crucial having the leadership on board. To do this, clearly communicating the reasons for and outcomes of a successful relaunch are recommended. This can let a company save time, resources and talent throughout the rollout. They must keep relevant stakeholders updated throughout the process to manage expectations.

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