Companies should capitalise on Twitter videos to better their brand awareness strategies

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February 06, 2020, 7:09 PM UTC

Brands that use videos in web content get 41% more traffic than companies that don’t leverage video content.

This piece recommends marketers should use video content on Twitter to engage with their target audiences. Human faces in the content can not only help brands grab the audiences’ attention but also create a more profound and emotional connection with them.

Businesses should include their brand logo at the start of the video to draw users closer to the brand and leave a lasting impression. While including captions in the videos can help marketers create further content, featuring staff or influencers in the video can also help increase views.

The author suggests brands should also utilise the platform to post news about products and events as 68% of Americans get news on Twitter.  Using lead generation strategies based around Twitter trends can boost the ROI of the marketing campaigns.

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