ASA relaunches influencers’ guide with updated guidelines on influencer marketing

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February 10, 2020, 5:00 PM UTC

The watchdog’s annual report 2018 reported 16000 complaints against 1400 online ads and social media posts.

UK’s advertising watchdog Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) has updated influencer guidelines to provide brands and influencers more clarity on marketing rules. The regulatory body’s advice and practices have been modified to make them more comprehensive.

As per the new guidelines, consumers should not need to click on a social media post to know that it’s an advertisement. Influencers should use hashtags like #Advert or #Ad instead of #Spon or #Sp to clearly identify a paid post.

The guidelines further state that the financial agreement between brands and influencers doesn’t necessarily need to have a monetary payment. The ‘payment’ can also include benefits to the influencers like giving away products, gifts, trips or hotel stays.

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