Utilise multiple functionalities of Facebooks Ads Manager to create effective marketing campaigns

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February 10, 2020, 11:10 AM UTC

Instead of just using the “boost button”, brands can use Ad Manager to optimise ads in several ways.

This piece states Facebook’s Ad Manager can create, control and effectively distribute ads on the platform. The Ads Manager can help marketers target different audiences with multiple ad sets, ad copies and multiple ads in a single campaign.

Dynamic Creative can help marketers combine images, headlines, primary texts, link descriptions and CTA buttons for their ad campaigns. Creating Lead ads allow brands to make the information providing process seamless for people and leads, without sending them away.

The Campaign Budget Optimisation option can help brands set budgets at the campaign level and distribute budgets between ad sets. Marketers can have more control over the distribution of Facebook ads by setting a cost cap, bid cap or average cost on how Facebook spends your money.

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