Brands can leverage to optimise their website for mobile SEO

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February 13, 2020, 12:43 PM UTC

With lesser screen space on mobile, brands should reduce the length of their titles, URLs and meta-descriptions.

With Google preferring to index mobile-first websites, this piece suggests brands should optimise their websites for mobile SEO. Adding microdata like and structured data to website HTML can enhance the website display on SERPs and get it featured on snippets.

Using HTML5 can further help marketers enhance their website for mobile search. Brands should optimise their website design for touch screen navigation and should avoid using pop-ups.

Optimising images, reducing the number of redirects and maximising the use of browser caching can also help marketers enhance the speed of their website. The author suggests brands should create content with local search in mind, and should further “standardise” their name, address, the cities in which they operate and metadata of their sites.

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